Frohring Meadows

Enclosed Picnic Pavilion


  • Client: Geauga Park District
  • Status: Completed November 2015
  • Size: 298 acres, Park Shelter and Trail Connection
  • Services: Architectural Planning and Design, Cost Estimating

Frohring Meadows is 298-acre park in Bainbridge Township that features a 100-acre prairie, and trails through the woodlands. It is Geauga Park District’s intent to protect this natural area in perpetuity.


This reused structure was transformed from an open-air octagon pavilion to an enclosed picnic shelter encompassed by 12 large barn doors and an indoor outdoor fireplace. Park visitors can now open up the shelter during the warm weather days, but also build a fire and turn on the heat in the winter months. The octagon has become a landmark among the beautiful park and accessible trails and remains functional all year.